Vladimir Vencl is a civil engineer who is versed in procurement, contract and claim management, dispute avoidance and resolution on large construction projects.

Having supported various main contractors,subcontractors,employers, developers and consultancies he is well aware of different perspectives that parties involved in the construction industry might have while performing their respective roles.

Projects where he had been involved include large bridges,highways,regional roads,plants,residential,retail,railway projects and various infrastructure works.This involvement covered management of tender processes from prequalification to awards, including drafting and negotiating of contract terms, performing day to day contract management after the contract award, preparation and negotiation of claims and variations as well as deciding on the same (depending on the actual role performed), representing parties in front of the dispute boards and arbitration panels, acting as a dispute board member, acting as an arbitrator.

He is experienced in management of various construction contracts – based on FIDIC 1999 Red, Yellow, Silver and later MDBH – Pink books as well as management of various bespoke construction contracts. Sources of projects financing included private developers, governments, various funding entities (EBRD, EIB, IBRD, EU) or was achieved through combination of these. Experience with entities from China, Spain, Italy, Austria, Poland, UAE, Serbia, Croatia, Portugal, Mexico.